SLMA takes a wholistic approach to supporting the due diligence needs of:

  • Angel, venture capital, corporate venture capital, family office, private equity and non-profit clients pursuing minority investments in entrepreneurial startups 

  • University research foundations and innovation centers, national labs, and corporations which hold technologies which are identifying and qualifying licensees to license their offerings, and 

  • Strategic and financial acquirers seeking to obtain a comprehensive due diligence of acquisition targets

Our diligence approach varies based on the engagement but typically includes assessment of the following:

  • Company Organization & Infrastructure

  • Financial Performance

  • Management

  • Product / Service Offering Development

  • Intellectual Property

  • Business Model

  • “Go to Market” Strategy

  • Strategic Planning

  • Competition

  • Deal Structure

Our diligence efforts, which are provided in presentation format, are designed to aid the client in its assessment of the opportunity it is targeting, and the potential of successful outcomes based on the offering’s existing capabilities and market position, strategic and tactical milestones, key success factors, risks and assessments of management’s capability to successfully execute its strategies and tactics.

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