SLMA provides strategic consulting engaging with those involved within the innovation community. In broader terms, we provide in-depth strategic consulting support to the technology development and entrepreneurial communities such as:

  • Inventors developing technology including:

    • Scientists, software developers and other individual innovators

    • University research foundations and innovation centers

    • National labs

    • Corporation research centers

  • Entrepreneurial ecosystem participants including:

    • Founders

    • Incubators and innovation labs

    • Accelerators

  • Investors including:

    • Angel networks and funds

    • Venture and corporate venture capitalists

    • Family offices

    • Private equity funds

    • Non-profit organizations

  • Strategic and financial acquirers of technology and businesses, and

  • Operating entities including:

    • Small to medium businesses, and

    • Non-profits

Potential engagement breadth is extensive and varies based on the needs of the client, but may include, as example, the following:

    • Marketing research and analysis of the commercial viability and the optionality of developing technologies

    • Product / Service offering development

    • Strategic and tactical consulting and support of “In-Licensing” and “Out-Licensing” efforts

    • Technology and business valuations

    • Assessments of management

    • Business model and “Go to Market” strategies

    • Best practices reviews

    • Competitive reviews and assessments

    • Start-up financing readiness and strategies

    • Website benchmarking and social media reviews

    • Financial modeling and unit economics development

The results of our strategic support efforts, which are provided in presentation format, are designed to aid the client in its assessment of the opportunities for improvement and growth, facilitating successful business outcomes.

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