The SLMA team can leverage its broad experience in the assessment of innovative technologies enhancing and supporting:

  • University research foundations and innovation centers, national labs, and corporations which hold technologies which are identifying and qualifying licensees to license their offerings

  • Investors such as angels, venture capital funds, corporate venture capital funds, family offices, private equity and non-profit clients pursuing minority investments in entrepreneurial startups, and

  • Potential strategic and financial acquirers seeking to “In License”, or obtain a comprehensive due diligence of acquisition targets

Our technology assessment offerings vary based on the needs of the client but may include the following:

  • Market research and analysis of the commercial potential of developing technologies

  • Technology related due diligence including:

    • Patent landscape, IP Mapping & Lifecycle Analysis, and
    • Qualification diligence related to potential licenses
  • Technology valuations

  • Strategic and tactical consulting and support of “Out Licensing” efforts, and

  • Best practices studies

These technology assessments, which are provided in presentation format, are designed to aid the client in its assessment of the technology opportunity, driving successful licensing outcomes for technologies they may possess , and successful acquisition and deployment outcomes, for technologies they may desire to obtain and commercialize.

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