Sheehan, Lettich M&A Advisors can deploy the deep experience and modeling tools of its financial and technology teams to determine valuations of:

  • IP and Technologies created or developed by innovators including inventors, university research foundations, national labs, and companies which desire to understand the value of such technologies prior to licensing or selling them to third parties

  • Startup companies whose founders are attempting to position their opportunities to pursue seed, early and mezzanine round investments from the investor community

  • Investment opportunities of angel investors, venture capital funds, corporate venture capital funds, family offices and non-profit clients seeking minority investments in entrepreneurial startups, positioning them for valuation discussions with entrepreneurs

  • Portfolios of angel groups and funds, venture capital funds, corporate venture capital funds, family offices, private equity, and non-profit clients with minority investments in multiple entrepreneurial startups, and

  • Acquisition targets of potential strategic and financial acquirers which are seeking to “In License” IP, or acquire businesses, in preparation for business negotiations with the current owners

Our valuation methodologies are dependent on the valuation subject and purpose with approaches potentially including one or more of the following, as appropriate:

  • Early-stage IP and technology valuations utilizing the attributes of options pricing theory and traditional methods such as market comparables

  • Business or enterprise level valuations based on the income approach and / or Guideline Company Transactions, (GCT) methodologies

  • Startup valuations which may utilize traditional methods as well as qualitative approaches based on a variety of success driver factors

Valuations are provided in presentation format, designed to aid the client in its assessment of the technology, start-up’s or enterprise’s value in support of a variety of needs, such as, maximizing the value of “in-licensing” or “out licensing” efforts, supporting discussions related to minority investments in start-ups and estimating business valuations for successful, value creating acquisition or divestiture outcomes.

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